Juice Plus+

Dear Patients,

Over the years many patients have asked me which vitamin I would recommend for them. There was no vitamin I really felt was best because I knew that eating right was the real key to staying healthy. A couple of years ago I became aware of a product that was of interest to me, since many patients admit to not eating any vegetables and only eat a limited number of fruits.  This product was a whole food supplement containing 17 of the most nutrient-dense vine ripened fruits, vegetables and grains available. It sounded great, but I had to be convinced of the research behind it. I wanted to be sure I could recommend it with full confidence.  Investigation revealed that Juice Plus+® was everything it said it was. Just as important in my search for the perfect supplement, was its ease of use. Juice Plus+® comes in convenient to take capsules or chewables, making it ideal for all family members! Finally, the price had to be right. The cost of Juice Plus+® is very reasonable at about 75 cents/day for children, and only $1.37/day for adults. Once my family and I started using Juice Plus+® ourselves and I saw firsthand the great results from good nutrition, I was fully convinced.  I recommend that you use Juice Plus+® for a minimum of 4 – 6 months to give your body time to respond.

Please do not feel any obligation, but consider this as a way for you to take greater charge of your families well being.  For more information, please click here or contact my Wellness Coordinator, Barb Shanley, at 760-945-4184, or email her at wellnesscoordinator4Dr.D@gmail.com

Best of health,

Dr. Victor Dalforno